We get asked a lot of questions about what we’re doing. Here’s some of the more common ones!

What does rum, sodomy or the lash have to do with sailing?!

“Naval tradition is nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash”- Winston Churchill


Yes, it’s actually an (alleged) quote from Winston Churchill. Want to know more? Read all about it here:


After spending weeks writing down all the domain names we could think of, and that were still available, we came up with a list of about 20. And we hated every single one of them. They were all just so… dull! We shortlisted eternalsummer.com, sunandsailing.com, onboardliving.com, etc. Boring, right?! So one night, as I sat sulking for not being able to come up with anything even remotely interesting, a lightbulb went off above Nick’s head. I don’t think anyone who knows the two of us would be surprised that this was Nick’s idea. Rum, Sodomy and the Lash is also an album name of one of Nick’s favourite bands, The Pogues. And so it was decided! We registered the domain name, got hosting (only after a phone call from the hosting company awkwardly explaining that their terms and conditions don’t allow any adult content), and Rum Sodomy and the Lash was born!

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What kind of boat do you have?

Our boat is a monohull sailing yacht called a Southerly 38 and we named her Ruby Rose, two names that have family meaning to both of us. We spent a lot of time researching boat builders and models, and decided that although Southerly are a lot more expensive than your average yacht, we were happy to make the investment to ensure our safety and comfort while sailing. We inspected many different options and just didn’t feel that the build quality of many of the more popular yachts were of a high enough standard for what we wanted. We wanted a boat that could take us literally anywhere, one that we felt safe in and had confidence in. We’ve now had her for 2 years and we’ve not once regretted our decision.

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What’s it like living on a boat?

Nick has kindly written a detailed explanation of onboard life- you can find it here.

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How long have you been sailing? Do you even know what you’re doing?

The answer to this is mixed! Nick’s been sailing for about 10 years now, starting off on a 28ft sailing boat that he couldn’t even get off the mooring! The first time he managed to sail it out of the creek and back into the marina was a huge achievement for him, and over the years he’s built up his skills, knowledge and experience sailing around the east coast of England and, later, the western coast of France.

I (Terysa) only started sailing in 2010, and although that was 5 years ago, I definitely still consider myself to be a beginner! 3 years ago when we were in the process of buying Ruby Rose, I was walking around at the boatshow saying things like, “Oh, I like that bathroom. And this kitchen is great- what’s that called again, a galley? The bedrooms are nice and big on this one, aren’t they?” Nick’s hissing at me, “Babe, it’s a cabin, not a bedroom, and it’s not a bloody bathroom, it’s a head. Keep your voice down, we’re about to spend a small fortune on this boat, I don’t want them knowing how clueless you are!” However, I do think I’m a little less clueless now- and I’m about to get a whole lot more experienced!


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So… what’s the plan?

Put simply, our plan is to circumnavigate. Originally we just talked about taking a couple of years off and sailing around the Mediterranean. Then Nick started making noises about crossing the Atlantic, and the thought of travelling around the Caribbean by sailing boat was enough incentive for me to agree to three weeks at sea. Then I started making noises about sailing all the way to Australia. Eventually we succumbed to the inevitable and agreed that what we really wanted was to achieve is a complete circumnavigation of the world by boat. We plan to cross the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean and finally make our way back to the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal.

Our first ocean crossing won’t take place until November 2015 for two reasons: one, I want to spend a bit more time in Australia with my family before moving onto the boat full-time, because once we’ve commenced our circumnavigation, we might not make it back to Australia until we sail into Sydney Harbour, and who knows when that will be! Secondly, we’d love to see some of the western Med by boat, and this will give us the double benefit of increasing our sailing experience before attempting a three week passage across the Atlantic.

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How long is all this going to take you?

We have no idea. One of the reasons we waited so long before finally starting this adventure was because we wanted enough time to get all our ducks in a row so we wouldn’t be under any time pressure. It might take us 3 years, it might take us 10!

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